PPE MFG’s products are proudly made in USA and are manufactured in Riverside, MO.

PPE MFG product specifications can be found here:

All products provided to third-party assessment facility, waiting for results.

Yes, PPE MFG products are medical grade.

Yes, PPE MFG products can be used in for non-medical purposes.

PPE MFG’s sister company, Safe PPE, manufactures bouffant caps, shoe covers, and gowns. For more information, visit www.safeppeusa.com.

Quotes & Ordering

You can request a quote here: Request A Quote

The minimum order requirement for surgical masks is 300. The minimum order requirement for N95 respirators is 800.

PPE MFG products are sold by the case. There are 300/1400 surgical masks per case, and 800 respirators per case.

PPE MFG has the ability to make custom sizes upon request.

PPE MFG has the ability to make custom color masks upon request.


PPE MFG ships to many international locations. Please inquire about specific destinations here: Make An Inquiry


PPE MFG sources the majority of its raw materials right here in the USA.  PPE MFG is continuing its efforts to be 100% Made in the USA and looks forward to achieving its Berry Compliance letter.

ISO standards are standards provided by the International Standards Organization.

A cleanroom is a controlled environment that earns it’s classification by keeping the number and size of pollutants per volume of air to a minimum.

The PPE MFG cleanroom is monitored at every entrance into the clean room as well as our laboratory.  Additionally, air quality is measured for particulate counts at several locations throughout the room.  PPE MFG reviews and records this data daily.

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